What we do has been hard to describe


so we've summed it up by simply saying we're the reason it is a success. This has meant that we do what it takes to achieve some lofty project goals when it comes to building efficiency, energy usage, mechanical system design, building component design and user satisfaction. We are a partner to navigating the highly complex landscape of Passive House and net-zero building, with the unique skill of understanding the impact these decisions have on the final budget. What do we do? We succeed.


Passive House Building Products Specialist

We are looking for people with a passion for high performance building products and the science behind how it all works. They don't teach this, you just are.




  • PH designer/tradesperson certification from PHI or PHIUS
  • Involvement in a completed PH project.
  • Ability to create detailed architectural process documents. 
  • Strong computer skills
  • Architecture degree a plus, but not required.

Home Automation Programing and Hardware Expert

We need to find "The One". The one with the creative engineering vision to see what is possible in tomorrow's buildings and the skills to make it happen today. sgBUILD has paved the way for the creation of a myriad of custom automation and interaction solutions and is seeking a master craftsman to join in on the fun.



  • Arduino or equal platform mastery.
  • Extensive experience with atmospheric sensor, data logging and remote data access. 
  • Experience taking a completed product to market
  • A passion for the built environment and a desire to make a difference.


sgBUILD is looking for a PHPP and PASSIVE-WUFI energy modeling expert. We have an ever growing variety of large multi use projects and need energy masters to step up. If you are the right person for the job, then we have your future projects.

  • PASSIVE-WUFI Training
  • Successful modeling and delivery of a PH project
  • Experience with PH modeling on buildings over 20,000 sqft
  • Experience with commercial PH
  • Therm or equal energy bridging analysis mastery
  • Clear understanding of the regional building process
  • Full understanding of the PHIUS+ certification process
  • Engineering degree is a plus.


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