What a Beautiful Way to Start


NY#1 is a gorgeous landmarked property that is targeted to receive certification as LEED Platinum, Enerphit Passive House and a long list of other impressive green building initiatives. It will be Manhattan's very first certified Passive House. 

This project is packed with detail. Not just historic and architectural, but building performance bells and whistles, at every turn. It uses the sgBUILD designed historic window as well as the first of its kind sgBUILD designed comfort control home automation logic that nearly guarantees perfect interior comfort at the lowest energetic footprint. With this innovation, overheating concerns are a thing of the past. 


Architect: Baxt-Ingui Architects: http://www.baxtingui.com

Builder: Taferra Construction: http://tafferainc.com

Engineering: Rossini Engineering: http://www.rosiniengineering.com

Home Automation Control: Sound Sight: http://www.soundsightonline.com

Mechanical Contractor:  M. La Penna HVAC

Passive House Consulting:  sgBUILD