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sgBUILD is a building energy consultancy that works closely with owners, architects and developers to integrate high levels of building shell efficiency directly into their design and process.  Every project that sgBUILD executes achieves maximum energy efficiency & comfort control that lasts for the life of the building. That turns into real operational cost savings, control over your comfort, as well as a beautifully healthy and quiet interior climate.


 NAVA: Pacific St: The new norm in multi-family building

NAVA: Pacific St: The new norm in multi-family building

 Brooklyn Heights Row House

Brooklyn Heights Row House

 60 White St: Implementing Passive House componenets for optimized quality

60 White St: Implementing Passive House componenets for optimized quality

Seeing Performance in Action

 The First Passive House

The First Passive House

What a Beautiful Way to Start


NY#1 is a gorgeous landmarked property that is targeted to receive certification as LEED Platinum, Enerphit Passive House and a long list of other impressive green building initiatives. It will be Manhattan's very first certified Passive House. 

This project is packed with detail. Not just historic and architectural, but building performance bells and whistles, at every turn. It uses the sgBUILD designed historic window as well as the first of its kind sgBUILD designed comfort control home automation logic that nearly guarantees perfect interior comfort at the lowest energetic footprint. With this innovation, overheating concerns are a thing of the past. 


Architect: Baxt-Ingui Architects: http://www.baxtingui.com

Builder: Taferra Construction: http://tafferainc.com

Engineering: Rossini Engineering: http://www.rosiniengineering.com

Home Automation Control: Sound Sight: http://www.soundsightonline.com

Mechanical Contractor:  M. La Penna HVAC

Passive House Consulting:  sgBUILD

Manhattan is just climbing on the high performance/Passive House wagon, but in a big way.


Expected to be completed in the spring of 2016, 11W126th is utilizing a newly designed pre-fab structural PH wall system and the latest knowledge in urban-infill Passive House design learning to bring rapidly built high performance buildings into the heart of the NYC market. Another first made possible by sgBUILD.


Developer:  Urban Artisan LLC.

Builder:  Bluestone: http://www.bluestoneorg.com 

Passive House Consulting:  sgBUILD

Realizing the benefits of Passive House level components


sgBUILD was tasked with creating a beautiful high performance window that perfectly matched the landmark historic facade while delivering all the sound control, thermal comfort and draft free details that you would expect from Passive House level components. Mission accomplished. Beautiful.


Perfect air quality, sound control and interior comfort with one-third of the mechanical equipment and no boiler for heating. 


This is the way buildings should be built.  Providing the highest control over your interior comfort while only sipping on KWs to do it, and still delivering on all the creature comforts you expect from NYCity living. Perfection.


Architect: Baxt-Ingui Architects: http://www.baxtingui.com

Builder: Kleen Construction: http://www.kleenconstruction.com

Engineering: RJD Engineering

Passive House Consulting:  sgBUILD

Get the Best of Everything. 


Sometimes taking it the efficiency extreme does not make complete sense for a project. But does that mean to abandon the idea altogether? Far from it. Park Slope Passive Measures took the high performance methodology as far as it made sense and still achieved greater than 50% energy reduction while not breaking the budget. And even better, from all that has been learned since its completion, you can now go all the way to PH within the same budget nut. Well done.

(Add in solar PV and a home energy control system, and you have a net-zero building that can sail into the future.)


Architect: Sarah Jefferys Design http://www.sjdny.com

Engineer: BauKraft Engineering http://www.baukraft.com

Passive House Consulting:  sgBUILD

Where it all started. 


Completed in 2011, this 1846 landmarked retrofit in Brooklyn Heights is one of NYC's first Passive Houses and where it all started for sgBUILD.  It achieved 1.0 ACH50 in its final pressure tests and hit all of the Passive House design requirements for thermal shell design. While not technically certified, it meets all the requirements of the newer ENERPHIT PH requirements.

Did we mention that it is perfectly quiet, fresh and unaffected by the weather extremes just outside its doors? This is where we fell in love with Passive House.


Builder:  Sumner Green / sgBUILD

The Tools of Passive House Efficiency. 


The successful execution of any NYC high performance building shell would not be possible without windows that includes the highest thermal glass values, detailed craftsmanship and a contiguous & thoughtful application of gaskets creating the tightest closing window possible. Add to that the Landmark Preservation Committee requirements for historic continuity and you have the herculean task of turning some of the most beloved and beautiful buildings around NYC into future proof energy efficient gems.

sgBUILD is focused on bringing building efficiency to all corners of the market and has worked tirelessly on creating market specific solutions, like the Passive House historic window, in order to realize the goal of high performance building at the same cost of construction across the entire NYC building market. 


Window Performance Exposed: 15 degree F winter night.

NYTimes did a nice piece on Passive House in NYC featuring a few of the sg.BUILD projects.

Plus a quote at the end by Sam McAfee of sg.BUILD:

Documentary: Passive Passions


Not familiar with the concepts of Passive House or its origins? Here is a quick documentary that will get you up to speed. And it includes Sam McAfee, the founder of sg.BUILD. Enjoy.


60 White St: Trailer for documentary: "Giglio on White St", to be released 2016. Following a developer's vision to transform a historic warehouse into a building for the future. sg.BUILD developed their windows tech:) And is proud to be featured in a few scenes of their exciting project's trailer.

So much happening. So many beautiful projects developing. Here is a list of the other active projects currently in construction with sg.BUILD.

  • UWS #2: 15,000 sqft single family landmarked retrofit to Passive Measures. Targeting 70% energy reduction.
  • Brooklyn Heights #3: 5,600 sqft full Passive house landmarked retrofit.
  • Brooklyn Heights #4: 7,500 sqft full Passive House landmarked retrofit.
  • Carroll Gardens #1: 4,500 sqft full Passive House retrofit targeting Net-Zero.
  • Carroll Gardens #2: 2,500 sqft full Passive House retrofit targeting Positive energy.
  • UES #1: 8,400 sqft full Passive House retrofit landmarked retrofit.
  • UWS #3: 6,800 sqft full Passive House retrofit landmarked retrofit.